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S3DB - Simple and Sloppy Semantic Database

API Insert
Inserting rules/resources/statements through the API works in a very similar way to querying them, except that XML tab "select" is replaced by "insert". What you will need in order to use the API to insert rules/resources/statement is:

  • the URL where your S3DB is installed (if in you local computer, this would be something like http://localhost/s3db)
  • the key created through the interface
  • query file/string built in XML.
  • 1. Build a query using the XML template:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <insert> ... </insert>

    2. Call the query using the URL + S3QL.php
    Ex: http://localhost/s3db1.0/S3QL.php?query=<S3QL><key>sCIUdwfWY3ihujX</key></S3QL>
    Call the query from a remote location:

    3. Possible insert queries:
    Insert Where (Required) Where (Optional) Syntax
    project project_name project_description
    collection project_id, name notes
    item class_id notes
    rule project_id, subject, verb, object notes
    statement resource_id, rule_id, value notes
    file resource_id, rule_id, filekey notes
    key key_id, expires notes

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